Transformative Talks


  • For those seeking a niche
  • For those needing direction
  • For those battling fear and anxiety
  • For those stuck in a rut
  • For those wanting renewed interest
  • For those grieving
  • For those weathering life’s storms
  • For those bouncing back
  • For those in the midst of significant change
  • For those craving spiritual direction
  • For those needing encouragement
  • For those who want insight and wisdom
  • For those desiring to be brave and courageous
  • For those wanting to live more fully

These are at the heart of Transformative Talks. Our goal is to help you explore and process where you are in life, in order to unlock passions, goals, purpose, and the courage needed to be authentically you. It is often too easy to live out of a “stuck place.” Stifled creativity, muted interest, disabling fear, and stagnant drive. We find ourselves going about the motions and living as shadows of who we really are. We will come alongside you to be a supportive presence, intent on helping you over the roadblocks of life, past the detours, and into the vibrancy you’ve been desiring.

Haley and Sandy draw from their training and education in mental health counseling and pastoral counseling, from their years of experience mentoring individuals of all ages and backgrounds, and from their years of leadership in multiple and diverse ministry contexts.

Transformative Talks are 50 minute life-guidance sessions. They are not intended to be intensive clinical therapy, nor are they purely life-coaching talks. They are an intentional and integrative blend of approaches, created to meet your needs.

Empathic listening + therapeutic insights + solution focus + faith emphasis 

+ collaborative goal making + creative helps


  • If this is for you, feel free to reach us through the form on our CONTACT US page. We would love to begin the process of Transformative Talks with you!
  • For information on session format options and pricing, please click HERE
  • Note: Once you contact us, we will review your submission with care, and determine if we are the best fit for you. Should we feel that your needs are beyond the scope of our services at this time, we will gladly provide you with references to professionals in your area that may better serve you.