Reinventing our approach!

A new season is dawning for Transforming Hope Counseling, and we’re excited to tell you all about it! For those of you who may not know, we are a mother-daughter team, and we founded our counseling practice in Denver, Colorado in the fall of 2012. I (Haley) currently relocated to Scotland while my husband pursues his PhD at the University of Aberdeen, and Sandy, my mother, is still residing in Denver. So given the recent shifts and changes, we are taking this time to introduce something new, fresh, and different. Something that we hope you’ll be interested to know about and share with others who may benefit from it!

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For the last two years, we have operated our practice with two distinct service categories and emphases: Clinical therapy and pastoral counseling. I (Haley) offered the clinical piece, being the trained mental health therapist, and Sandy focused on offering the pastoral counseling piece as the trained pastoral counselor/chaplain/ordained minister. We had success in approaching our business that way, and we had the pleasure of working with our own unique clientele.

However, in recent months we have become engaged in conversations about how we might shift our focus and our services to align more authentically with what we feel passionate about! For me personally, this is a move away from how I felt I should do counseling. Or perhaps it’s better said that it is a move away from what I felt therapy could too easily become– a recurring focus on what’s wrong in a person; a revisitation of the broken areas without proper, sustained direction and counsel on how to mend, heal, and move forward. Counseling is not only about affirming the struggle of the client. If that becomes the sole focus, then it stagnates and change is not possible. You affirm the struggle and current situation he or she is faced with, and you do so with full empathy. But then you must look together at the possible solutions and ways to improve things. So, in essence, the counseling process requires forward movement. Movement requires HOPE.

To hope you need to have the belief that something can shift or change. Hope is the light at the end of the tunnel. It may be dark on one end, but as you take steps towards the light, it becomes easier to see the path!

I have met too many people who feel that therapy is just about drudging up pain, fear, and skeletons in their closets, thinking that it’s ONLY about talking it out and bringing to light that which was in the dark. But after that, then what? “What is the hope beyond that,” they ask?

Good counseling and a healthy counselor-client relationship is about safety, collaboration, trust, and working side-by-side to make the move from the places of hurt to a place of healing. This takes time, a strong therapeutic relationship, and the inward working of God’s presence! The process must have movement. The process must include transformation!

Sandy and I believe that clients are masterpieces in progress. We maintain an expectation that change is possible, and that over time, the beginning brush strokes on a canvas can become a stunning work of art!

This is why we named our practice Transforming Hope Counseling. We actually believe in the transformative power of hope to change people and to change lives. Hope is what makes people press on. Hope is what pushes people to keep going, to dream, to achieve, to step forward, to stay connected, to engage in relationships, to invest, to love, to believe! This is what we need in the tumultuous moments of life. This is what we need when we feel stuck and paralyzed. This is what we need when our expectations are dashed and things go differently than we planned. We need hope as an anchor for the soul, in the midst of adversity and raging waves.

So with this said, we are reinventing our approach within our practice, and we’re excited for it! We are professionals who will believe with YOU for transformation and change! We will believe that you can AWAKEN, GROW, and BECOME the person that you have dreamed you could be.

We would love for you to learn more about our new and unique approach, called Transformative Talks!  Discover what we’re doing and how we might be of help to you or someone you know. And please feel free to click through the tabs of our menu above to learn more about us and our company!